Roswell High School

Summer Assignments 2019

Below are the summer assignments that have been approved by the Roswell High School Leadership team.  If the class is not listed, that means that there is not an assignment for that class.



Course Name/Subject Assignments Why are these assignments important? How will these assignments be assessed? What is the due date for these assignments? Handouts
AP Environmental Science Part 1: Experience the Natural World
Part 2: Current Event Article Analysis
Part 3: Getting to Know You
Students will have a context for which to build their understanding about the natural world by participating in the field study.  Current events are a driving theme in this course and will be visited weekly.  Beginning the course with an idea of a current event will give purpose to their learning.  The current event will be shared at the end of the week in an icebreaker/AVID strategy.   The assignments will be a formative completion grade. The second Friday of the school year Handout
AP Calculus AB and BC AP Calculus Summer Packet Students entering AP Calculus must have a strong foundation in algebra as well as trigonometry.  Most questions in this packet concern skills and concepts that will be used extensively in AP Calculus.  Others have been included not so much because they are skills that are used frequently, but because being able to answer them indicates a strong grasp of important mathematical concepts and more importantly the ability to problem solve. Students will take a Pre-Req Quiz during the first week of the semester.
A low or failing score on the pre-requisite assessment likely indicates that a student either
a) lacks the prerequisite skills necessary for success in AP Calculus, or
b) lacks the work ethic necessary for success in AP Calculus.
The assignment is not collected. BC quiz is on Wed of the first week; AB quiz is the Friday of the first week Handout
AP Literature Read The Handmaid's Tale.  Instructions for optional annotations are included. See course standards.  Reading one novel in advance of starting the course gives students a common text with which they can practice deliberative reading and can begin academic discourse on the first day of the class. test on details of novel given on 5th day of class after some discussion/teacher guidance Book novel should be read by the first day of class. Handout
10th Honors Literature Read the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, paying attention to structure, style, and themes, as well as character development, setting, symbol and motif, irony, tone, repetitive elements, etc.  Note aspects throughout the work that you find significant.  Annotations are not required but highly encouraged as any notes you can make will be helpful when referring back to this novel once school begins. The entire first five weeks of the course embodies a unit assigned around this novel. This encourages and prepares students to read at home to further strengthen learning how to prepare for class throughout the school year. Since 10th Honors Literature is a rigorous course, more reading is done outside of class and students should come prepared to discuss and analyze.  3-4 formative assessments;
3-5 class discussions culminating in a Socratic seminar summative grade.
This assignment contributes to the course because world literature requires acknowledging and including other areas of the world and this is our middle eastern text that runs into the unit's portion on international short stories.  
The first day of school Handout
AP Language and Composition Read "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell a.  Reading an accessible yet complex nonfiction text in the summer lays important groundwork for the kind of texts students will analyze in AP Language and Composition.
b.  The College Board expectation of depth and breadth of reading requires that students hit the ground running in AP Lang from day one.  The summer reading assignment provides students a common, nonfiction text to which they can immediately apply (and, therefore, better understand) new AP concepts.
c. Teachers use student observations about the summer text on day one to shape student habits of rhetorical analysis (which is very different from literary analysis) and explain the goals and unique academic expectations of AP Lang.
Student' first in-class assignments will involve discussing and writing analytically about key ideas and rhetorical strategies used in the summer text; the first formal writing assignment will be summer text-based and ask students to apply and extend their learning beyond the summer text. Students should have finished reading the book before the first day of school. Handout
AP Computer Science - A with Java Spend time on specifically campfire stories (Start with Cup Size and Cat and Mouse) then explore some more of the site!
Spend time playing on  Go ahead and create a logon.  Note that the intent is to play and explore!
Go to my web site handouts page and read instructions to download JDK compiler and Dr. Java
(note:  If you've got a MAC, you'll need to google search for the MAC specific JDK.  Dr. Java is platform independent).
Introduction to computing concepts will be especially helpful for those students that have never approached programming. N/A, these assignments are designed to inspire interest and generate curiosity in the subject matter. First week of school
Web Design (advanced RHS Design Team) Go to and take the initial tutorials
Create your own FREE website.  The focus of this initial website should be a beginning portfolio of stuff you've done.  Don't get too carried away.  The idea here is simply for you to explore and get used to the interface and WordPress design principles.
Initial exposure to database Content Management System to develop and manage robust websites.  Prepares student by familiarizing them with software environment.  Also, promotes soft skills by creating online web-based resume of work. N/A, these assignments are designed to inspire student about the coming year and promote curiosity about the development platform.
AP Physics 1 AP Physics 1 Summer Work Packet 2019 There are six big ideas in the AP physics 1 curriculum and the ability to master these ideas and apply them requires some pre-requisite knowledge and ability in problem solving, experimental design, and algebraic skills.  The AP summer packet reminds students of these skills and also lets them know that these skills should already be known.  The skills laid out in the packet are skills that are required for success in the class.  T The students will have a quiz covering the topics in the packet on day 4 of the school year.  Also, it is a homework grade.  Should someone signup late, the HW portion of the grade will be excused but they are still required to take the quiz assessing skills required for the course.   First Day of School.  Quiz on Day 4 of school.   Handout
AP Physics C AP Physics C Summer Course Work 2019 Packet  High level thinking, calculus, and a strong foundation in experimentation is needed for success in this class.  For this reason, a clear summer packet encompasses the that are required for success in the class.    Summer work gives the students an opportunity to see the types of problems they will experience in the course and decide for themselves if this is a good course for them or is it too challenging.  HW grade and a quiz on day 4. First day of school and a quiz on day 4
AP CS Principles  Assignment I
Visit code studio at
Accelerated Course.
Create your login id and password.
Work on all the puzzles on Lesson 2 (Maze) and Lesson 5 (Artist)

Assignment II
Over the summer look through the book: Book of Bad Arguments. Have fun reading and trying to understand the reasoning for some of the logical arguments.

Note: You are NOT expected to read the book in entirety. Read some chapters and to understand what the author is trying to present.
Pick one logical fallacy and interpret it to the best of your ability. Explain your understanding of the authors reasoning and whether you agree or disagree. Using images, videos and movie clips to support your stance. Create a power point and be ready to present.
It will help students to get familiar with programming It will be their first program turned in to me. They will be given a classwork grade with an opportunity to improve in the classroom 1st week back from school
AP French 1) Reading/speaking-read a poem and record an analysis of the poem
2) Listening/writing- watch a French movie and write a short resume highlighting the cultural aspects of the film
3) Listening comprehension- Go to TV5Monde and choose a video of interest and complete the online comprehension activities.
It is important for students to have some contact with French outside of the regular school schedule. I chose a poem because students have difficulty with literature and the more I can prepare them up front the better off they will be. Movies are useful because they convey cultural information that is difficult to show in the classroom and they can broaden the student's vocabulary. The last piece is listening comprehension- this is always a tough section for our students because they have to get used to faster rates of speech with noise distractors.  There is a rubric attached to the assignment.  There are 3 due dates, one for each part. June 18, July 9, Aug 1 Handout

Poetry Handout
A.P. Human Geography AP Human Geography Summer Assignment 2019
Welcome to AP Human Geography! The summer assignment will have three components.  ALL components are due the first day of school!  No exceptions! These assignments will prepare you for the components of the course. The assignments will give you a background of AP Human Geography, knowledge of basic terms, and help you establish a habit of keeping up with current events.  Also included are maps of regions of world. You will have a quiz on these regions the first week of school.  However, there is nothing you need to do with the maps except study them.
Required Book: Purchase of AP Human Geography: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination by AMSCO. This is a review book students will be able to use all year, and it provides valuable supplemental material to help students prepare for each unit as well as the AP exam in May. Students should purchase the softcover version. The cost is $18.95 plus shipping. It should be purchased through: . Students should take notes on Unit 1, chapters 1 and 2.  Make sure they are detailed notes. The notes must be handwritten and in pen. The notes are due for a grade the first day of school, and you will be given a quiz the first week of school on the material.

1- In addition to the notes for Unit 1, chapters 1 and 2, students will need to define the terms, and either draw a picture or write an example of each term on p. 12 and p. 29.  Make sure this is neat. This will need to be handwritten. It is due on the first day of school, and you will be given a quiz on the terms the first week of school.
2- CURRENT EVENTS ANALYSIS: Analyze three significant events reported in publications between May 27 -August 5, 2019. Paying attention to what is happening in the news will help to illuminate the locations and concepts we will study.  I STRONGLY suggest that you finish assignment 1 before starting this one as it may help with your analysis.
             You will analyze one current event from each of the following, for a total of three current events:
1) Canada, the United States, OR any country in Europe;
2) any country in Central, South America, the Caribbean, OR Asia;
3) a country in Africa.
 You may use any printed newspaper or reputable online news source.(Ie. New York Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, NPR, The Guardian, Huffington Post etc.) Click on World or International to find events outside of the country in which the publication is based.
 Your analysis will be typed or handwritten using complete sentences and will include the following: the continent, the country, a statement of source, a summary of the event using your own words, and relationship to geography.  Although you are not expected to come in knowing all the concepts of human geography, you should be able to explain the significance of the event on the country depending on whether it is developed/developing/underdeveloped. (look at core/periphery or LDC/MDC)
Explain whether it is:
a political issue? Environmental issue? Population issue? Immigration issue? Does it relate to agriculture? Does it relate to a specific city infrastructure? Does it relate to the economy? It may relate to more of one of the above issues. Is this a local issue or an international one?
Summaries and analyses must be typed or written and printed on the front side only of the paper and should not be more than one page. Please use spell-check and proofread for standard conventions. Emailed work will not be accepted. The work will be collected on the first day, and there will be a seminar to share current events one of the first two weeks of school.

World Regions Map.
Study the regions on each of the following maps. You will have a quiz on the regions the first week of school.

AP Human Geography World Regions

AP Human Geography World Regions Detailed
One of the most important aspects of the course is to get students to think spatially. The summer assignments get this process started for the students.
The assignments are also essential to help the students transition from middle school to a college level course.
These assignments are also required and by assigning them in the summer it allows the students to transition in the first couple of weeks a little more easily.
On A.P. exams maps are never labeled so they need to start thinking regionally and be able to identify geo-spatial characteristics based on region.
Notes will from AMSCO will be checked to see if students have the necessary basic skills to be in an advanced class.
Current event analysis will be checked to see if students are able to connect their articles to concepts in Chapters 1-2 of AMSCO and to larger concepts such as social, political and economic forces. There will also be a Socratic Seminar based on their current event articles.
There will also be a region map quiz.
Notes and current event assignment will be due the first day of class.  Socratic Seminar will be held in the first two weeks. There will be a quiz on the map the first week depending on the first week schedule. Handout
AP Spanish Assignment #1: Reading Practice, Assignment 2, Listening practice,
Assignment # 3: Speaking Practice, Assignment #4 Grammar practice.
Assignment # 3: Speaking Practice
Assignment #1: Reading Practice
Reading comprehension and writing are important skills tested on the AP Spanish Language exam. To strengthen your Spanish reading comprehension and writing skills over the summer, you will read and summarize 3 news articles in Spanish. You will also document new words you learn and use those words in original sentences. Use the form to record the articles you have read and write your summaries. Listed below are some popular news sites in Spanish. You are not limited to these; these are suggestions.

Popular News Websites in Spanish:
BBC Mundo -
El País (Espana) -
Univision -
Centro de Noticias ONU -
El Universal (Mexico) -
Yahoo en espanoll -

Assignment # 2: Listening Practice
Listen to three different selections of Notes in Spanish at the advanced level. Write a 12-15 sentence summary in Spanish about what you heard. You may listen to the selection as many times as you need to in order to understand it. In each summary, tell me at least one new thing that you learned as result of listening to your chosen selection. Use the form attached to this packet to indicate which Notes in Spanish you have read and write your summaries.

Assignment # 3: Speaking Practice
Do 4 recordings in Spanish about yourself. You may turn in one recording per week. Tell me where you were born and where you live. Tell me about your family, pets, school life, your friends, and your favorite and least favorite things. Tell me about things you've done in the past, what you're doing now, and what you plan to do in the future. Lastly, tell me why you're interested in learning Spanish.

ASSIGNMENT #4: GRAMMAR REVIEW An AP Spanish student should be familiar with the tenses listed below. You should know how to form each tense as well as know how to use each one. The following website may be helpful to practice these grammar points. Use the activities outlined in the grid as a SELF-TEST. (THIS MEANS YOU WILL NOT TURN THESE IN FOR EVALUATION.)

The following websites are also good for general grammar practice.
The work done during the summer will keep students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills active and encourage them to develop good
habits for improving these skills in Spanish. This work will also help them  discover and put into use technology as a resource for connecting to real-life Spanish.  If a second language is not practiced, it will be forgotten.
Completion, effort, improvement. Upon student's return. Handout
AP German Language and Literature 1. Listening/Viewing/Speaking

- Watch "Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden" four times over four different weeks of summer break. Students can choose their own weeks.
- Fill out the "Tagesschau Log" with date of newscast, keywords for topics addressed, and one summary sentence for each of the four topics of the show.
- Briefly summarize what you saw without reading from a script on Flipgrid - flipcode for the summer assignment grid is summer assignment

2. Reading comprehension

- Choose one article in German from the German news website Deutsche Welle OR from Der Spiegel that was published this year related to world events. Read it, type up a summary, and give your opinion. Your response should be at least 75 words long. In addition, create a German-English vocabulary list of 10 words from the article. Email your response to Frau Otte by June 15th by 11:59 PM. Include a link to the article in the email.
- Choose one article in German from the German news website Deustche Welle OR from Der Spiegel that was published this year related to art. Read it, type up a summary, and give your opinion. Your response should be at least 75 words long. In addition, create a German-English vocabulary list of 10 words from the article. Email your response to Frau Otte by July 15th by 11:59 PM. Include a link to the article in the email.
- Choose two articles from the German news website Deutsche Welle OR from Der Spiegel that was published this year related to science and technology. Read them, type up a summary for each one, and give your opinion for each one. Each response should be at least 75 words long. In addition, create a German-English vocabulary list of 10 words from each article. Email your response to Frau Otte by August 9th by 11:59 PM. Include links to the articles in the email.
Students will stay in the loop with current developments to be prepared for the AP themes. Students will practice reading comprehension as required for the AP exam and will expand their vocabulary to succeed in AP German. Students will practice speaking which is one of the free-response components of the AP exam.  Students will receive a completion grade. All articles with summaries and vocabulary sheets are 60% and newscast completion is 40% of the grade. Various due dates throughout the summer. Students need to submit summaries of news articles in regular set intervals on June 15th, July 15th, August 9th. They can choose four weeks to watch four 100-second news clips throughout the summer and submit via Flipgrid as they progress. Handout
AP Chemistry 50 question packet over content from 1st year Chemistry Directly from College Board Course Description for AP Chemistry:
"The AP Chemistry course is designed to be taken only after the successful completion of a first course in high school chemistry.  Surveys of students who take the AP Chemistry Exam indicate that the probability of achieving a score of 3 or higher is significantly greater for students who successfully complete a first course in high school chemistry prior to undertaking the AP course. Thus it is strongly recommended that credit in a first-year high school chemistry course be a prerequisite for enrollment in AP Chemistry class.  In addition, the recommended mathematics prerequisite for an AP Chemistry class is the successful completion of a second-year algebra course."
This assignment is used to help the students determine if they have the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to be successful in AP Chemistry.  It also allows them to determine what prerequisite knowledge they need to be more successful.
It will be a 100 point homework grade (same weight as any other chapter homework). It will be due on the Friday of the second week of school (10th day). Handout
AP U.S. History AP U.S. History
Summer Assignment 2019

1) Purchase the AMSCO 2015 or later AP U.S. History review book.  See below for information.
2) Complete the attached assignment.

Important point:  Answers MUST be handwritten, not typed, and pen is preferable. 

Due:  First day of class

1) Required book:  Purchase of United States History: Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination by AMSCO, 2015 edition or later.  This is a review book that students will be able to use all year, and it provides valuable supplemental material to help students prepare for each class unit as well as the AP Exam in May.  The cost is $18.95 plus $7 shipping (you can combine your orders with others to save on shipping), and it can be purchased through: .  If buying a used copy from a friend or online, make sure you are purchasing the edition redesigned for the 2015 exam or later.  The copies for 2014 and earlier are not compatible.

If purchasing this book poses a financial burden, please see Mrs. Boyd, Ms. Estevez or Mrs. Moeller about possibly borrowing a book students have donated from past years.

2) Please print the attached assignment and handwrite the answers.  Read AMSCO and then use it to answer all the questions. 

Important Terms—Unit 1 and 2
Using index cards, please use the following format to complete the following terms.

Flashcards Format
*Front of notecard is the term and number
*Back of notecard is              
*definition of the term (if person, what are the most important things that they did, what was their political party, etc¦)
                                 **Date associated with this term
1. Mayas
2. Aztecs
3. Inca
4. God, Glory, Gold
5. Columbian Exchange
6. Conquistador
7. Bartolomeâ de las Casas
8. Mulatto
9. Mestizo
10. Spanish Presidio
11. Spanish Mission System
12. Treaty of Tordesillas
13. Encomienda System
14. Pueblo Revolt (Pope´Revolt)
15. Martin Luther
16. John Calvin
17. Protestant Reformation
18. Counter-Reformation
19. St. Ignatius
20. Jacques Cartier
21. New France
22. Henry Hudson
23. New Netherland
24. Iroquois
25. Beaver Wars
26. Plains Indians
27. St. Augustine
28. Virginia Joint-Stock Company
29. Roanoke
30. Powhatan
31. Pocahontas
32. John Smith
33. John Rolfe
34. Virginia House of Burgesses
35. Act of Religious Toleration
36. Mayflower Compact
37. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
38. "City Upon a Hill"
39. John Winthrop
40. William Bradford
41. Pequot War
42. Roger Williams
43. Thomas Hooker
44. Anne Hutchinson
45. Old Deluder Law
46. Half-Way Covenant
47. Wampanoag
48. King Philip's War
49. Bacon's Rebellion
50. Middle Passage
51. Headright System
52. Mercantilism
53. Salutary Neglect
54. Navigation Acts
55. Triangular Trade (include an illustration)
56. Dominion of New England
57. Sir Edmond Andros
58. Glorious Revolution
59. William Penn
60. Quaker
61. Salem Witch Trials
62. First Great Awakening
63. Jonathan Edwards
64. George Whitefield
65. "New Lights"
66. John Peter Zenger Trial
67. Stono Rebellion
68. Enlightenment
69. John Locke
70. Benjamin Franklin
This is work that would otherwise need to be done during the school year.  It gives them a chance to see the type of work they'll be doing in the class. Graded and in Socratic Seminar First Day of School Vocabulary

AMSCO Guided Readings
12th Advanced Composition-Honors Read Drive by Daniel Pink Reading this accessible nonfiction text about motivation in the summer lays important groundwork for the structure of the class and the development of students' yearlong projects. Students will take a summative assessment on this book during the first week of school. The due date for completing the summer reading itself (the only required assignment) is day one of the school year. Handout
11th Honors American Literature and Composition Read ONE novel from the list provided: Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight; Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston; or Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri Students will be required to read independently for most of the assigned readings over the course of the school year. Students will often be required to provide written and verbal analysis of the texts they read over the course of the school year. The summer reading assignments will allow the students to apply abstract ideas and reading strategies to specific texts in a timely manner, which is especially useful in an American Literature survey course with highest amount of required literary content. The summer reading assignment will be assessed with an in-class, timed analytical essay that will begin the second week of school. Students will be expected to complete the reading by the first day of school. They will spend Monday and Tuesday of the second week of school writing an in-class analytical essay over literary elements (theme, symbolism, figurative language). Handout